Online Installation: Synesthesia

for Balinese Gamelan Semara Dana

This page will open a score in another window.  Note that it will take a while to load in the samples.  Please be patient.

MAC USERS: You may need to increase the amount of memory allocated to Java. I've found this helpful tutorial online as to how to do that. Try that and then come back to the page and reload it.

Score Notes
Using Page Up / Down while in the Score frame scrolls staff numbering.
Mvmt 1, 2A: Should be slow, slinky, and creep along.
Mvmt 1, 5: Gangsa should not damp while alternating between 2 notes.  Damp when changing to 2 other notes.
Mvmt 2: Other instruments may fill in the spaces, TBD
Mvmt 3: 1, Gangsa should play freely in a similar pattern show, alternating timing with neighboring instruments, but improvising notes avoiding 4. This can ultimately continue until the Ketuk/Kendang come back in.

Western Notation
1-7 are D,D#,E,G,A,A#,C. This corresponds more closely to the instruments in NYC than the slightly more conventional C# notation.

Instrument Notes
Ugal: Where nothing is notated in Mvmts 1 & 3, follow Pemade Polos.
Gongs/Bell Tree: Just a one shot.  No need to hold for any specific duration.

Special thanks to Gamelan Dharma Swara, Mike Lipsey, and Andy McGraw .